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  • If you have any questions or queries regarding ordering from our Wholesale Fashion Store contact us here. We will get back to you promptly with answers to your inquiries.

Minimum Order Quantities

  • Our wholesale clothing store has a minimum order purchase amount of $1,500 USD (Excluding shipping)
  • Minimum product quantities that can be purchased vary depending on the product. They are stated on each product page.


  • Our usual processing time is approximately 3-4 weeks (Sometimes faster). It is dependent on if we have the products ordered in stock or if some need to be produced.
  • We use DHL Courier services to deliver your order to you internationally with delivery times of generally 3-5 days. Tracking provided.
  • DHL Courier shipping charges are set at 19.5% of the total order amount for the USA, Canada, Europe and 18% for Australia, and New Zealand. For other countries get in touch with us and we can provide you with a quote.


All products uploaded onto our website are suitable for the Western figure as this is our customer base. The fashion clothing on our site unless otherwise stated comes in what is called a Free-Size. A Free-Size is mainly suitable for Medium and Large while some items can be worn as an XL.



Each product ordered comes as a set of popular mixed colours and prints suited to the time and geography of our customer base. Feel free to let us know your preferences.

You can request colour and prints for each product in-stock to be sent to you via email for selection. Check the box on each product page for this option.


If you would like any of our designs made up to your personal colour and print requirements we can help. Tick the Made-to-Order box and you will be sent the current colours/prints available for each product via email for your reference. We will also send you the minimum quantity required for each product to be produced. We can work with you on sizing as well.

Once you have made your selection we will provide you with a time-frame for your confirmation before requesting payment and proceeding. Minimum order quantities apply.

Quotes can be requested on bulk orders which can allow room for cheaper product pricing depending on the quantity ordered. Get in touch with us at or click here.


If you would like to brand your own fashion clothing line we have label and tag creation services available. We will work with you to get the graphic design to your liking and then have them produced. Once made up they can be sewn/attached to your clothing before shipping out. Contact us for more information.


In the case of a product/s being out of stock, we will contact you for a replacement. You can either choose to replace the product with another product from our website or cancel the out-of-stock product/s and be issued a store credit. Alternatively, you can receive the difference refunded to you on completion of your order. 


Different currency options are available on the site as a guide. Checkout currency is converted to USD.


Payment is not required at Check Out for Bank Transfers. We shall contact you for payment prior to processing.

DOMESTIC BANK TRANSFER: This can be processed with internet banking or at your local bank. The customer pays the sending fee.

INTERNATIONAL BANK TRANSFER: Processed through Internet banking or at your local branch. The customer pays transfer fees.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENT VIA STRIPE: Payment processed at checkout.

WISE: The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. For more information go to their website at


With personal, prompt, reliable and caring customer service you can enjoy shopping with confidence for all your wholesale clothing needs. References can be provided on request.


Our refund policy can be found here

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